We Serve Breakfast

8:00 – 11:30

Enjoy you Breakfast with us –

We do dairy free and egg free dishes!

  • creamy scrambled eggs tossed with salmon and garnish freshly cut from our garden served with rye or ciabatta bread

  • Spicy sweet potato and butternut waffle with hot vanilla syrup and seasonal fruit

  • Savoury Chickpea crumpets

    Savoury Chickpea crumpets served with a hint of spicy bean ragu and topped with sautéed mushrooms (Seasonal)

  • Italian style 3 egg omelette

    Italian style 3 egg omelette with bolognaise and grated mozzarella garnished with seasonal freshly cut herbs from our garden


We serve Lunch

12:00 – 15:00

Enjoy you Lunch with us –

We do dairy free and egg free dishes!

Small Plates

  • Small Plates

    Falafel with tahini dressing (VV)

  • Focaccia

    Focaccia topped with Mediterranean style vegetables and drizzled with balsamic reduction topped with freshly cut herbs (VV)

  • Chicken satays

    Chicken satays with an Indonesian and peanut sauce

  • Beetroot hummus (VV)

  • Springrolls made fresh daily

  • Sticky sesame cauliflower (VV)

  • Lemon and Parmesan Zucchini Chips

Hearty Dishes

  • Beef Burger

    Pure Ground Beef Burger on a potato bun served with Chips or Salad and garnished with freshly cut herbs


  • Butternut and Couscous salad with balsamic reduction