• Spicy sweet potato & butternut waffle

    Topped with seasonal fruit drizzled maple syrup, garnished with roasted almonds (V)

  • Creamy polenta

    Topped with a mixed bean & tomato ragu (V)

  • Smoothies of the Day

    Smoothies of the Day (V) – Please ask your waitron

  • Brioche cone

    Filled with creamy scrambled egg and smoked salmon

  • Brioche cone

    Filled with plain creamy scrambled egg

  • Omelette

    With bolognaise and mozzarella

  • Breakfast stack

    With fillet of beef, crispy bacon, poached egg, mozzarella and a tomato and fresh basil hollandaise sauce

  • Muesli cup

    Made in-house served with seasonal fruit & thick yoghurt topped with shredded toasted coconut shavings

  • Pastry basket

    With croissant, sticky bun, toast and preserves


  • Meze

    small bite size delectables
    Falafel with tahini dressing
    Roast Mediterranean vegetables drizzle with olive oil
    Arancini with wild mushroom
    Hummus / carrot cashew nut pate / artichoke pate served with foccacia

  • Meze platter for 2

    with dairy and egg free dishes

  • Meze platter

    With Italian smoked meats

For the Hungry

  • Bean ‘frikkadel’

    served on lettuce leaf with spicy tomato jam (VV)

  • Beef burger

    with the trimmings


  • Season

    Caponata salad with roast aubergines, rosa tomatoes, marinated olives and crumbed capers
    Watermelon, mint and feta salad with crushed black pepper (Feta optional)
    Fresh asparagus salad with toasted almonds drizzled with a raspberry vinaigrette

Special Dishes


  • Pizzette

    Topped with smoked salmon & baby spinach with a dollop of scented mascarpone

  • Pizzette

    Topped with bolognaise & mozzarella

  • Pizzette

    Topped with artichoke pate, toasted almonds & basil pesto (VV)

  • Pizzette

    Calzone filled with roast rosa tomatoes, roast red pepper and romanesco (VV)

(our pizza dough is dairy and egg free)

Open Sandwiches

  • Open Sandwich

    Italian meatballs with pine nuts

  • Open Sandwich

    Chicken schnitzel with mustard mayo

  • Open Sandwich

    Thinly sliced roast beef served with a red wine dip

  • Open Sandwich

    Thinly sliced roast beef served with a red wine dip


  • Please check with your waiter our special sweets